Executive Board

The Faculty Senate Executive Board membership is the senate officers, the college caucus chairs and the Senior Vice President and Provost.  The duties of the Executive board are:

The Executive Board is subject to the decisions of the Faculty Senate, and none of its acts may conflict with decisions made by the senate.  The senate may countermand any action of the Executive Board.

The Executive Board will:

  • provide leadership and planning for the Faculty Senate, especially in the preparation of the senate’s long range and annual goals
  • oversee and direct the preparation of the agenda for the Faculty Senate, ensuring that all issues recommended by senate councils are docketed on the senate agenda in a timely manner for action by the senate
  • act for the Faculty Senate when the senate is not in session and report such actions to the senate at its next meeting; this does not include any authority to amend the Constitution or the Bylaws
  • circulate to all members of the Faculty Senate the minutes of Executive Board meetings 
  • manage relationships between the Faculty Senate and the university administration and other organizations
  • advise the senate president on the appointment of standing and ad hoc committee members and chairs and other matters, as requested


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