Foreign Travel Grant Program


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Financial support for university-related travel to foreign countries, in some instances, may be obtained through the Foreign Travel Grant Program. Because funds in this program are limited, grants are awarded on a competitive basis and for no more than 75 percent of the least expensive round trip air fare between Des Moines and the individual's destination or 75 percent of the lowest appropriate air fare between two destinations, whichever is less at the time the quote is obtained.

All faculty may apply for foreign travel grants. Junior faculty who have an opportunity to participate in an international activity that is in the purview of the Foreign Travel Grant Program are encouraged to apply.

Although foreign travel may be undertaken for a number of reasons, most foreign travel requests involve one or more of the following categories:

•long-term research projects in a foreign location
•research of short duration or collaborative efforts, often involving several related activities such as lecturing, graduate student recruiting, fund-raising, etc.
•presentations at foreign conferences
•faculty exchanges

Applications are reviewed and grants are awarded three times a year by the Faculty Senate Committee on Recognition and Development.