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2023-2024 Docket Calendar

TitleDate for
Senate Approval
Board of Regents
22-22Waitlisting Policy9/12/23ApprovedApproved 9/22/23Approved 9/22/23No action needed
22-23Scholastic Recognition9/12/23ApprovedApproved 9/22/23Approved 9/22/23No action needed
23-1Name Change: Department of the Earth, Atmosphere and Climate10/10/23ApprovedApproved 10/12/23Approved 10/13/23 
23-21) BFA in Integrated Studio Art; 2) BA in Art and Design (Art and Culture opton); 3) BA in Art and Design (Visual Culture Studies option)10/10/23ApprovedApproved 10/12/23Approved 10/13/23Approved
23-3Out of Term Schedule Change Policy10/10/23ApprovedApproved 10/12/23Approved 10/13/23No action needed
23-4Proposed Bylaw Change: Article VI, Section 3 Academic Affairs Council10/10/23ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action needed
23-5FH Interim Action - modification12/12/23ApprovedApproved 12/14/23Approved 12/14/23No action needed
23-6FH - Appeals to the University President - modification12/12/23ApprovedApproved 12/14/23Approved 12/14/23No action needed
23-7Master of Applied Statistics12/12/23ApprovedApproved 12/14/23Approved 12/14/23Approved 2/29/24
23-8Fall 2023 Graduation List12/12/23ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action Needed
23-9Memorial Resolutions12/12/23ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action Needed
23-10ISU Catalog Proposed Policy: Grading as it Impacts Repeating Courses1/23/24ApprovedApproved 1/24/24Approved 1/25/24No action Needed
23-11Name Change: B.A. Scientific Illustration and Visualization1/23/24ApprovedApproved 1/24/24Approved 1/25/24Approved 2/29/24
23-12Undergraduate Minor Applied Mathematics1/23/24ApprovedApproved 1/24/24Approved 1/25/24No action Needed
23-13Master of Digital Health1/23/24ApprovedApproved 1/24/24Approved 1/25/24Approved 4/25/24
23-14B.A. Sport Media and Communication1/23/24ApprovedApproved 1/24/24Approved 1/25/24Approved/4/25/24
23-15Graduate Faculty Cabinet Proposal2/13/24ApprovedApproved 2/18/24Approved 2/18/24No action needed
23-16Resolution to Support Student Voting on Election Day3/19/24ApprovedAcknowledged 3/25/24Acknowledged 3/25/24No action needed
23-17Term Faculty FH Revisions - Sections 3.3.2,, 4/15/24Approved 4/15/24No action needed
23-18Minor in Applied Artificial Intelligence3/19/24ApprovedApproved 3/20/24Approved 3/20/24No action needed
23-19Undergraduate Certificate in Healthcare Management4/9/24ApprovedApproved 4/15/24Approved 4/15/24No Action Needed
23-20Name Change: Fashion Design and Merchandising - B.S. and Minor3/19/24ApprovedApproved 3/25/24Approved 3/25/24Approved 4/2024
23-21Proposal to Rename the US Diversity Requirement Category Name3/19/24ApprovedApproved 3/20/24Approved 3/20/24No Action Needed
23-22Free Expression Syllabus Statement Proposal3/19/24ApprovedApproved 3/20/24Approved 3/20/24No Action Needed
23-23FH 2.6.2 College Governance Documents4/23/24ApprovedApproved 4/24/24Approved 4/24/24No Action Needed
23-24B.S. in Game Design5/7/24ApprovedApproved
Approved 5/12/24 
23-25B.S. in Education Studies5/7/24ApprovedApproved
Approved 5/12/24 
23-26ISU Catalog: Policy on Academic Misconduct5/7/24ApprovedApproved
Approved 5/12/24No Action Needed
23-27Annual Council/Committee Reports5/7/24ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
23-28Spring 2024 Graduate List5/7/24ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
23-29Memorial Resolutions5/7/24ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
23-30Discontinuation Ph.D. Program in Rural, Agricultural, Technological and Environmental History9/10/24    
23-31Undergraduate Certificate in Cybersecurity9/10/24ApprovedApproved
Approved 5/12/24 
23-32B.S. Integrated Health Sciences9/10/24    
23-33Undergraduate Minor in Artificial Intelligence9/10/24    
23-34Discontinuation M.S. in Transportation9/10/24    
23-35Merger of the Food Sciences and Culinary Food Sciences degree into a single degree in Food Science9/10/24    
23-36Academic Dismissal Policy9/10/24    
23-37Academic Reinstatement Policy9/10/24    
23-38Prerequisite Policy Change Proposal9/10/24    
23-39College Name Change:  College of Heath and Human Sciences5/7/24ApprovedApproved
Approved 5/12/24 


2022-2023 Docket Calendar

TitleDate for
Senate Approval
Board of Regents
21-27Transfer Deficiencies Policy9/13/22ApprovedApproved 9/29/22Approved 9/29/22No action needed
22-1FH Progressive Corrective Action12/13/22ApprovedApproved  1/3/23Approved 1/3/23No action needed
22-2FH 9.1 Who May File Appeals10/18/22ApprovedApproved 10/20/22Approved 10/20/22No action needed
22-3Discontinuation: Latin Undergraduate Minor11/15/22ApprovedApproved 11/28/22Approved 11/28/22No action needed
22-4Discontinuation: Latin Graduate Minor11/15/22ApprovedApproved 11/28/22Approved 11/28/22No action needed
22-5Undergraduate Minor in Spanish Translation and Interpretation Studies11/15/22ApprovedApproved 11/28/22Approved 11/28/22No action needed
22-6BS Biomedical Engineering11/15/22ApprovedApproved 11/28/22Approved 11/28/22Approved 2/22/23
22-7Posthumous Degree Policy11/15/22ApprovedApproved 11/28/22Approved 11/28/22No action needed
22-8Drop Limit Policy11/15/22ApprovedApproved 11/28/22Approved 11/28/22No action needed
22-9Updated Faculty Handbook11/15/22ApprovedApproved 11/28/22Approved 11/28/22No action needed
22-10Last 32 Credits Policy12/13/22ApprovedApproved  1/3/23Approved 1/3/23No action needed
22-11Fall 2022 Graduation List12/13/22ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action needed
22-12Memorial Resolutions12/13/22ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action needed
22-13B.S. in Agricultural Communications1/24/23ApprovedApproved
Approved 2/1/23Approved 4/20/23
22-14Professional Masters in Business Administration1/24/23ApprovedApproved
Approved 2/1/23Approved 3/28/23
22-15Masters in Accounting Analytics1/24/23ApprovedApproved
Approved 2/1/23Approved 4/20/23
22-16Policy Change: Degree Planning (Majors, Minors, Certificates)1/24/23ApprovedApproved
Approved 2/1/23No action needed
22-17FH Annual Reviews12/13/22ApprovedApproved  1/3/23Approved 1/3/23No action needed
22-18FH 2.9 Definitions - Duplication of Definitions in FH 2.9 and 7.2.74/4/23ApprovedApproved 4/10/23Approved 4/18/23No action needed
22-19FH 6.3,,, and Eligibility for University, Distinguished and Morrill Professors4/4/23ApprovedApproved 4/10/23Approved 4/10/23No action needed
22-20Discontinuation B.S. Biophysics4/4/23ApprovedApproved 4/10/23Approved 4/10/23No action needed
22-21Discontinuation B.S. Speech Communication4/18/23ApprovedApproved 4/27/23Approved 4/27/23No action needed
22-22Waitlisting Policy9/12/23    
22-23Scholastic Recognition9/12/23    
22-24Annual Council/Committee Reports5/2/23ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action needed
22-25Spring 2023 Graduation List5/2/23ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action needed
22-26Memorial Resolutions5/2/23ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action needed


2021-2022 Docket Calendar

TitleDate for
Senate Approval
Board of Regents
21-1FS Bylaw Changes9/14/21ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
21-2Motion by Annemarie Butler11/9/21Failed   
21-3B.S. in Healthcare Mangement11/9/21ApprovedApproved 12/17/21Approved 12/21/21 
21-4Master of Community Development11/9/21ApprovedApproved 12/17/21Approved 12/21/21Approved 4/7/22
21-5Master of Entrepreneurship11/9/21ApprovedApproved 12/17/21Approved 12/21/21Approved 4/7/22
21-6Certificate in Science Communication11/9/21ApprovedApproved 12/17/21Approved 12/21/21No action needed
21-7FS Minutes September 14, 202111/9/21ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo action needed
21-8Undergraduate Certificate Policy12/14/21ApprovedApproved 12/17/21Approved 12/21/21No action needed
21-9Name Change: B.S. in Agricultural and Rural Policy Studies12/14/21ApprovedApproved 3/29/22Approved 3/31/22No action needed
21-10Non-substantive Changes to FH Chapter 8 and 1012/14/21ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action needed
21-11FS Minutes October 12, 202112/14/21ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action needed
21-12FS Bylaw Change1/18/21Failed  No action needed
21-13Fall 2021 Graduation List12/14/21ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action needed
21-14Memorial Resolutions12/14/21ApprovedNo action neededNo action neededNo action needed
21-15Catalog in Effect - Policy Revision2/15/22ApprovedApproved 2/16/22Approved 2/23/22No action needed
21-16Wind Energy Minor Discontinuation2/15/22ApprovedApproved 1/20/22Approved 1/20/22No action needed
21-17Dairy Production Management Certificate4/19/22ApprovedApproved 5/11/22Approved 5/11/22No action needed
21-18Global Human Science Minor4/19/22ApprovedApproved 5/11/22Approved 5/11/22No action needed
21-19FH Department Review4/19/22ApprovedApproved 5/11/22Approved 5/11/22No action needed
21-20Resolution to Support Student Voting on Election Day4/19/22ApprovedApproved 5/11/22Approved 5/11/22No action needed
21-21Name Change: Interdisciplinary Design5/3/22ApprovedApproved 5/13/22Approved 5/13/22No action needed
21-22Incomplete Policy5/3/22ApprovedApproved 5/13/22Approved 5/13/22No action needed
21-23B.S. in Climate Science5/3/22ApprovedApproved 5/13/22Approved 5/13/22 
21-24FH 5.2.2 - Inclusion of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Faculty Review Sections5/3/22ApprovedApproved 5/13/22Approved 5/13/22No action needed
21-25Solidarity with Ukraine Resolution5/3/22ApprovedApproved 5/13/22Approved 5/13/22No action needed
21-26BA in Computer Science5/3/22ApprovedApproved 5/13/22Approved 5/13/22No action needed
21-27Transfer Deficiencies Policy9/13/22   No action needed
21-28Annual Council/Committee Reports5/3/22 No action neededNo action neededNo action needed
21-292022 Spring Graduation List5/3/22 No action neededNo action neededNo action needed
21-30Memorial Resolutions5/3/22 No action neededNo action neededNo action needed


 2020-2021 Docket Calendar

TitleDate for
Senate Approval
Board of Regents
19-30Breeding for Organic Crops Graduate Certificate9/15/20ApprovedApproved 9/18/20Approved 9/18/20No Action Needed
20-1FS Bylaw Change10/13/20Approved No Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
20-2FH Ranks and Lengths of Term Faculty Appointments11/10/20ApprovedApproved 11/19/20Approved 11/19/20No Action Needed
20-3MS Artificial Intelligence11/10/20ApprovedApproved 11/19/20Approved 11/19/20Approved 6/3/21
20-4Discontinuation of MS and PhD in Biorenewable Resources and Technology11/10/20ApprovedApproved 11/19/20Approved 11/19/20No Action Needed
20-5FH- Non-Substantive Changes - gender neutral pronouns11/10-20ApprovedApproved 11/19/20Approved 11/19/20No Action Needed
20-6AESHM Beverage Management Minor12/8/20ApprovedApproved 12/12/20Approved 12/12/20No Action Needed
20-7Name Change: Child, Adult, and Family Services Major12/8/20ApprovedApproved 12/12/20Approved 12/12/20No Action Needed
20-8Name Change: Child, Adult, and Family Services Minor12/8/20ApprovedApproved 12/12/20Approved 12/12/20No Action Needed
20-9Ethics Minor12/8/20ApprovedApproved 12/12/20Approved 12/12/20No Action Needed
20-10Graduation with Distinction12/8/20ApprovedApproved 12/12/20Approved 12/12/20No Action Needed
20-11Fall 2020 Graduation List11/10/20ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
20-12FS Resolution in Support of Faculty Who Have Already Experienced Advancement Delays Related to FH 11/19/20Reviewed 11/19/20No Action Needed
20-13Department Name Change: Sociology and Criminal Justice1/26/21ApprovedApproved 1/29/21Approved 1/29/21No Action Needed
20-14Memorial Resolutions12/3/20Approved   
20-15Add EDI Activities FH 5.1.1;;; 1/29/21Approved 1/29/21No Action Needed
20-16Non-Substantive Change to FH Discrimination and Harassment12/3/20ApprovedApproved 12/12/20Approved 12/12/20No Action Needed
20-17Non-substantive Change to Faculty Senate Constitution1/26/21ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
20-18Bachelor of Business Administration4/6/21ApprovedApproved  4/8/21Approved 4/8/21Approved 6/3/21
20-19BS in Human Resource Management4/6/21ApprovedApproved  4/8/21Approved 4/8/21Approved 6/3/21
20-20MAT in Mathematics Educations4/6/21ApprovedApproved  4/8/21Approved 4/8/21Approved 6/3/21
20-21MAT in Secondary Education4/6/21ApprovedApproved  4/8/21Approved 4/8/21Approved 6/3/21
20-22BS Secondary Major in Education4/6/21ApprovedApproved  4/8/21Approved 4/8/21Approved 6/3/21
20-23Minor in Cyber-Physical Systems4/6/21ApprovedApproved  4/8/21Approved 4/8/21No Action Needed
20-24Drop Limit Policy4/6/21ApprovedApproved  4/8/21Approved 4/8/21No Action Needed
20-25Beef Cattle Production Management Certificate4/20/21ApprovedApproved 4/23/21Approved 4/24/21No Action Needed
20-26Equine Science and Management Certificate4/20/21ApprovedApproved 4/23/21Approved 4/24/21No Action Needed
20-27Swine Production Management Certificate4/20/21ApprovedApproved 4/23/21Approved 4/24/21No Action Needed
20-28Preservation and Cultural Heritage Minor4/20/21ApprovedApproved 4/23/21Approved 4/24/21No Action Needed
20-29Discontinuation - Masters of School Mathematics Programs4/20/21ApprovedApproved 4/23/21Approved 4/24/21Approved 7/28/21
20-30Fashion Culture, History, and Social Justice Minor4/20/21ApprovedApproved 4/23/21Approved 4/24/21No Action Needed
20-31FH 10.7.2 Student Outcomes Assessment4/20/21ApprovedApproved 4/23/21Approved 4/24/21No Action Needed
20-32Graduation with Distinction4/20/21ApprovedApproved 4/23/21Approved 4/24/21No Action Needed
20-33Repeated Courses Policy4/20/21ApprovedApproved 4/23/21Approved 4/24/21No Action Needed
20-34FS Bylaw Change: New Committee under AAC - US Diversity Course Requirement Committee4/20/21ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
20-35US Diversity Requirement7/23/21ApprovedApproved 7/27/21Approved 7/27/21No action needed
20-36Master of Healthcare Analytics and Operations5/4/21ApprovedApproved 5/20/21Approved 5/20/21Approved 7/28/21
20-37FH 5.4 Evaluation, Renewal and Advancement of Term Faculty Appointment5/4/21ApprovedApproved
Approved 6/2/21No Action Needed
20-38FH 3.1.1 Summer and Winter Session and 4.5.1 Vacations and Holidays5/4/21ApprovedApproved 5/20/21Approved 5/20/21No Action Needed
20-39Poultry Production Management5/4/21ApprovedApproved 5/20/21Approved 5/20/21 
20-40Annual Council/Committee Reports5/4/21ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
20-41Spring 2021 Graduation List5/4/21ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
20-42Memorial Resolutions5/4/21ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed

2019-2020 Docket Calendar

TitleDate for
Senate Approval
Board of Regents
19-1Discontinuation of the Nuclear Engineering Minor11/12/19ApprovedApproved 11/25/19Approved 11/26/19No Action Needed
19-2Undergraduate Certificate in Professional Sales11/12/19ApprovedApproved 11/25/19Approved 11/26/19No Action Needed
19-3Minor in Business and Technology Consulting11/12/19ApprovedApproved 11/25/19Approved 11/26/19No Action Needed
19-4FH 6.4 Emeritus/a Professor11/12/19ApprovedApproved 11/25/19Approved 11/26/19No action needed
19-5Resolution in Support of Library Negotiating Principles10/8/19ApprovedApproved 10/21/19Approved 10/21/19No Action Needed
19-6BS in Environmental Engineering12/10/19ApprovedApproved 12/11/19Aproved 12/18/19Approved 4/1/20
19-7Name Change: Global Health Minor12/10/19ApprovedApproved 12/11/19Approved 12/18/19No Action Needed
19-8Resolution in Opposition to Racist Incidents at ISU in Support of the Students Affected by Them11/12/19ApprovedApproved 11/25/19Approved 11/26/19No Action Needed
19-9Resolution on Civility and Collegiatlity in PRSs1/21/20ApprovedReviewed 1/30/20Reviewed 1/30/20No Action Needed
19-10Fall 2019 Graduation List ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
19-11Memorial Resolutions ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
19-12Masters of Arts in Teaching History1/21/20ApprovedApproved 1/22/20Approved 2/6/20 
19-13Proposal for University Wide Student Outcomes2/11/20Approved

Approved 2/20/20

Approved 2/21/20No Action Needed
19-14Middle Eastern Studies Minor3/10/20ApprovedApproved 4/10/20 Approved 4/10/20 No Action Needed
19-15Name Change: Entrepreneurship Minor3/10/20ApprovedApproved 4/10/20 Approved 4/10/20 No Action Needed
19-16Soil Science Undergraduate Certificate3/10/20ApprovedApproved 4/10/20 Approved 4/10/20No Action Needed
19-17Credit for Prior Learning Policy3/10/20ApprovedApproved 4/10/20 Approved 4/10/20 No Action Needed
19-18FH 10.6.4 "Dead Week Name Change to "Prep Week"3/10/20ApprovedApproved 4/10/20 Approved 4/10/20 No Action Needed
19-19COVID-19 Statement From Faculty Senate3/16/20ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
19-20Class Attendance Policy - Military Service4/21/20ApprovedApproved 4/30/20Approved 4/30/20No Action Needed
19-21ISU Period 2 Drops5/5/20ApprovedApproved 6/30/20Approved 6/30/20No Action Needed
19-22Request for Early Reinstatement4/21/20ApprovedApproved 4/30/20Approved 4/30/20No Action Needed
19-23Department Name Change: Department of Management and Entrepreneurship4/21/20ApprovedApproved 4/30/20Approved 4/30/20No Action Needed
19-24Home School GPA Policy4/21/20ApprovedApproved 4/30/20Approved 4/30/20No Action Needed
19-25Dissolve the University Services Committee5/5/20ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
19-26Policy for Award of Automatic Scholarships for Home-Schooled Students5/5/20ApprovedApproved 6/30/20Approved 6/30/20No Action Needed
19-27Annual Council/Committee Reports5/5/20ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
19-28Spring 2020 Graduation List5/5/20ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
19-29Memorial Resolutions5/5/20ApprovedNo Action NeededNo Action NeededNo Action Needed
19-30Breeding for Organic Crops Graduate Certificate9/15/20    
19-31Transfer Student GPA5/5/20ApprovedApproved 6/30/20Approved 6/30/20No Action Needed

2018-2019 Docket Calendar 

TitleDate for
Senate Approval
Board of Regents
S17-28FH Discrimination9/11/18Approved Approved 9/24/18Approved 10/3/18No action needed
S18-1Name Change:  Biochemistry10/9/18ApprovedApproved 10/19/18Approved 10/20/18Approved 2/2019
S18-2Feed Technology Minor11/13/18ApprovedApproved 11/19/18Approved 11/19/18No action needed
S18-3Name Change:  Applied Engineering and Technology Management Major11/13/18Withdrawn   
S18-4Name Change: Applied Engineering and Technology Management Minor11/13/18Withdrawn   
S18-5Name Change: Master of Arts in Experiential Graphics Design12/11/18ApprovedApproved 12/14/18Approved 12/14/18Approved 2/2019
S18-6MS in Events Management1/22/19ApprovedApproved 1/25/19Approved 1/26/19Approved 4/18/19
S18-7Discontinuation: Technology and Social Change Grad and Undergrad12/11/18ApprovedApproved 12/14/18Approved 12/14/18No action needed
S18-8Catalog Change:  Eliminate Summer Option12/11/18ApprovedApproved 12/14/18Approved 12/14/18No action needed
S18-9Fall 2018 Graduation List12/11/18Approved  No action needed
S18-10Memorial Resolutions12/11/18Approved  No action needed
S18-11FH Action Plan Mediation1/22/19ApprovedApproved 1/25/19Approved 1/26/19No action needed
S18-12FH Bullying Behavior1/22/19ApprovedApproved 1/25/19Approved 1/26/19No action needed
S18-13FS Resolution Against Bullying and Intimidation on Campus1/22/19ApprovedApproved 1/25/19Approved 1/26/19No action needed
S18-14FH 10.8.3 Consistency of Study Learning Outcomes2/12/19ApprovedApproved 2/14/19Approved 2/15/19No action needed
S18-15B.S. in Business Analytics4/9/19ApprovedApproved  4/9/19Approved 4/12/19 
S18-16Minor in Business Analytics4/9/19ApprovedApproved  4/9/19Approved 4/12/19 
S18-17Name Change:  M.S. Cyber Security4/9/19ApprovedApproved  4/9/19Approved 4/12/19 
S18-18Name Change: M ENG Cyber Security4/9/19ApprovedApproved  4/9/19Approved 4/12/19 
S18-19Resolution for Erin M. Rosacker3/5/19Approved   
S18-20Master of Athletic Training4/23/19ApprovedApproved 4/29/19Approved 4/30/19 
S18-21FH 10.5 Disruption in the Learning Environment4/23/19ApprovedApproved 4/30/19Approved 4/30/19 
S18-22Council/Committee Annual Reports5/7/19Approved   
S18-23Spring 2019 Graduation List5/7/19Approved   
S18-24Memorial Resolutions5/7/19Approved   


2017-2018 Docket Calendar 

TitleDate for
Senate Approval
S17-1Discontinuation of MS in Landscape Architecture11/14/17Approved
S-17-2US Diveristy and International Perspectives Requirement Modification11/14/17Approved
S17-3FH - Unacceptable Performance of Duty12/12/17Approved
S17-4Minor in Textile Design12/12/17Approved
S17-5B.S. in Actuarial Science12/12/17Approved
S17-6B.S. in Data Science12/12/17Approved
S17-7Fall 2017 Gradulation List12/12/17Approved
S17-8Memorial Resolutions12/12/17Approved
S17-9FH Major Sanction Process1/16/18Approved
S17-10Master of Real Estate Development1/16/18Approved
S17-11Ph.D. - Population Sciences in Animal Health1/16/18Approved
S17-12Change ot Academic Renewal1/16/18Approved
S17-13Update Prequisites Language in Catalog1/16/18Approved
S17-14Resolution on Climate Change3/20/18Approved
S17-15B.S. In Cyber Securty4/3/18Approved
S17-16Illustration Minor4/3/18Approved
S17-17Actuarial Science Certificate4/3/18Approved
S17-18FH Interim Action4/3/18Approved
S17-19FH 2.9.1 Days4/3/18Approved
S17-20NTE Reform - FH Chapters 3 and 5 - Chapter 3 RevisionsChapter 3 Clean Copy and Chapter 5 RevisionsChapter 5 Clean Copy4/3/18Approved
S17-21Doctor of Education4/17/18Approved
S17-22Graduate Certificate in Meat Science4/17/18Approved
S17-23FH Military Service4/17/18Approved
S17-24FH 10.5 Policy for Dealing with Disruption in the Learning Environment5/1/18Referred back to Council
S17-25Annual Council/Committee Reports5/1/18Approved
S17-26Spring 2018 Graduation List5/1/18Approved
S17-27Memorial Resolutions5/1/18Approved
S17-28FH Discrimination9/11/18 


2016-2017 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

TitleDate for
Senate Approval
S16-1Name Change:  Women's and Gender Studies11/8/16Approved
S16-2Master of Human Computer Interaction11/8/16Approved
S16-3FH Appeals12/13/16Approved
S16-4Diversity and Inclusion Resolution11/8/16Approved
S16-52017-18 College Curriculum Reports12/13/16Approved
S16-6Fall 2016 Graduation List12/13/16Approved
S16-7Memorial Resolutions12/13/16Approved
S16-8FS Bylaw Change:  Committee on University Services1/17/17Approved
S16-9Merchandising Undergraduate Certificate1/17/17Approved
S16-10FH 10.6.4 Dead Week2/14/17Approved
S16-11Statement on Faculty Core Values3/7/17Approved
S16-12Increase Transfer GPA3/7/17Approved
S16-13Eliminate Summer Option3/7/17Approved
S16-14Bachelor of Science in Nursing3/7/17Approved
S16-15Pharmacology and Toxicology Minor3/7/17Approved
S16-16FH 3.1 Appointment Procedures3/7/17Approved
S16-17Masters of Professional Practice in Dietetics4/4/17Approved
S16-18Communication Proficiency Grade Requirement4/4/17Approved
S16-19Non-Substantive Changes to FH 5.4.13/7/17Approved
S16-20Non-Substantive Changes to Full Incorporate Clinical Faculty into FH Chap3 and 53/7/17Approved
S16-21Minor in Data Science4/18/17Approved
S16-22Certificate in Data Science4/18/17Approved
S16-23FH 6.4 Emeritus/a Professor4/18/17Approved
S16-24Open Access Resolution4/18/17Approved
S16-25FH 9.1 Administrative Appeals5/2/17Approved
S16-26Discontinuation of Minor in Athletic Coaching5/2/17Approved
S16-27Discontinuation of Minor in Sports and Recreation5/2/17Approved
S16-28Annual Council/Committee Reports5/2/17Approved
S16-29Spring 2017 Graduation List`5/2/17Approved
S16-30Memorial Resolutions5/2/17Approved
S16-31Minor in Textile Science and Product Performance5/2/17Approved

2015-2016 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S14-19-1 Placement of Existing FH Sections Concerning PRS 11/10/15 Approved
S14-19-2 NTE Faculty & the PRS Meditation Procedure 11/10/15 Approved
S14-19-3 Procedure Concerning Cration and Maintenance of PRSs 11/10/15 Approved
S14-19-4 The PRS Description of Areas of Position Responsibility 11/10/15 Approved
S14-25 Name Change:  Culinary Food Science 9/15/15 Approved
S14-26 Catalog Changes:  Changing majors when on Probation 9/15/15 Approved
S15-1 Cyber Security Minor 10/20/15 Approved
S15-2 Urban Studies Minor 10/20/15 Approved
S15-3 Name Change: Art & Visual Culture 10/20/15 Withdrawn
S15-4 Discontinuation of Botany Graduate Major 12/8/15 Approved
S15-5 Geographic Information Science Minor 12/8/15 Approved
S15-6 2016-17 College Curriculum Reports 12/8/15 Approved
S15-7 Fall 2015 Graduation List 12/8/15 Approved
S15-8 Memorial Resolution 12/8/15 Approved
S15-9 Reorganization/Merger of the WLC and Anthropology Dept 2/9/16 Approved
S15-10 Name Change:  Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Design 3/8/16 Approved
S15-11 Mandatory Course:  U ST 110X International First-Year Experience Seminar 4/5/16 Approved
S15-12 Entrepreneurship Major 4/19/16 Approved
S15-13 FH 3.3.5 - Visiting, Collaborators, and Affiliate Appointments 4/19/16 Approved
S15-14 FH Clinical Professor Titles 5/3/16 Approved
S15-15 Council/Committee Annual Reports 5/3/16 Approved
S15-16 Spring Graduation List 5/3/16 Approved
S15-17 Memorial Resolutions 5/3/16 Approved

2014-2015 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S14-1 Minor in Leadership Studies 10/14/14 Approved
S14-2  Changes to FH - Standards for P&T 10/14/14 Approved
S14-3 Undergraduate Certificate in Computing Applications 12/9/14 Approved
S14-4 FH 5.3.4 - Post-Tenure Review 12/9/14 Approved
S14-5 FH - Lecturer and Clinician Eligibility Criteria 12/9/14 Approved
S14-6 FH - Nonrenewal and Termination of Appointment 12/9/14 Approved
S14-7 FH - Distinguished Professor 12/9/14 Approved
S14-8 FH 10.8.1 - Academic Program Approvals 11/11/14 Approved
S14-9 Fall 2014 Graduation List 12/9/14 Approved
S14-10 Memorial Resolutions 12/9/14 Approved
S14-11 2014-15 College Curriculum Reports 12/9/14 Approved
S14-12 Master of Business Analytics 12/9/14 Approved
S14-13 Name Change:  Certificate in Leadership Studies 1/20/15 Approved
S14-14 Name Change:  Operations Analytics Masters 1/20/15 Postponed Indefinitely
S14-15 FH - Extension of Probationary Period 1/20/15 Approved
S14-16 Criminal Justice B.A. 3/10/15 Approved
S14-17 Health Coach Certificate 4/21/15 Approved
S14-18 Changes to FH Sections and 4/21/15 Failed
S14-19 PRS Changes to the FH 5/5/15 Vote Postponed until Fall 2015
S14-20 FH - Appointment Policies 4/21/15 Approved
S14-21 Annual Council/Committee Reports 5/5/15 Approved
S14-22 Spring 2015 Graduation List 5/5/15 Approved
S14-23 Memorial Resolutions 5/5/15 Approved
S14-24 FH 10.7.2 - Student Outcomes Assessment 5/5/15 Approved
s14-25 Name Change:  Culinary Food Science 9/15/15  
S14-26 Catalog Changes:  Changing majors when on Probation 9/15/15


2013-2014 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S12-24 FS Bylaw Change: Article II Section 9 Eligibility of Faculty Senate Members 9/10/13 Approved
S13-1 Name Change:  Agriculture and Society 12/10/13 Approved
S13-2 Undergraduate Minor in Food and Society 12/10/13 Approved
S13-3 Discontinuation of Master of Agriculture in Professional Ag 12/10/13 Approved
S13-4 Master of Engineering in Energy Systems Engineering 12/10/13 Approved
S13-5 Committe on Student Affairs 11/12/13 Approved
S13-6 2014-2015 College Curriculum Reports:  CALSBUSDESENGRCHSLASVETGRAD 12/10/13 Approved
S13-7 Fall 2013 Graduation List 12/10/13 Approved
S13-8 Memorial Resolutions 12/10/13 Approved
S13-9 Revisions to FH Chapter 7 1/21/14 Approved
S13-10 Revisions to FH 9.3.3 1/21/14 Approved
S13-11 Discontinuation of Master of Public Administration 1/21/14 Approved
S13-12 Academic Affairs Catalog Change 12/10/13 Approved
S13-13 Revision of FH 5.4.1 1/21/14 Approved
S13-14a Revision of Conflict of Interest in FH Chapter 7 1/21/14 Approved
S13-14b Revision of Conflict of Interest in FH Chapter 8 1/21/14 Approved
S13-15 TESL Minor 3/11/14 Approved
S13-16 Clarification to FH 3/11/14 Approved
S13-17 Ph.D. in Gerontology 4/8/14 Approved
S13-18 Masters in Gerontology 4/8/14 Approved
S13-19 Minor in Learning and Leadership Services 4/8/14 Approved
S13-20 Name Change:  Genetics and Genomics 4/22/14 Approved
S13-21 Name Change:  Biomedical Engineering Minor 4/22/14 Approved
S13-22 Discontinuing HOTS Program in History 4/22/14 Approved
S13-23 Name Change:  History Ph.D. - Rural, Ag, Tech & Environmental History 4/22/14 Approved
S13-24 ISU Faculty Sentae Request to the IA BOR 4/22/14 Approved
S13-25 Outcomes Assessment Committee Charge Revision 5/6/14 Approved
S13-26 B.S. in Early Childcare, Education and Programming 5/6/14 Approved
S13-27 Dept Name Change:  Art and Visual Culture 5/6/14 Approved
S13-28 FH Chapter 2.8.1 Revision 5/6/14 Approved
S13-29 Annual Council/Committee Reports 5/6/14 Approved
S13-30 Spring 2014 Graduation List 5/6/14 Approved
S13-31 Memorial Resolutions 5/6/14 Approved
S13-32 Report of the Task Force on the Scholarship of Engagement and Outreach 5/6/14 Approved


2012-2013 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S09-29 B.E.T. in Information & Computer Engineering Technology   Tabled
S11-37 Ph.D. in Wind Energy Science 9/11/12 Approved
S12-1 Modification to FH - Professor 11/13/12 Approved
S12-2 Modification to FH - Letters of Evaluation 11/13/12 Approved
S12-3 Revision to FH - Voting Procedures 4/2/13  
S12-4 Revision to FH 6.4 - Emeritus Professor 11/13/12 Approved
S12-5 Name Change: Committee on Women and Minorities to Committee on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion 1/22/13 Approved
S12-6 Fall 2012 Graduation List 12/11/12 Approved
S12-7 2013-2014 College Catalog Copy
CALS,Business,Design,Engineering,Human Sciences,LAS,Vet Med,Graduation College
12/11/12 Approved
S12-8 Memorial Resolutions 12/11/12 Approved
S12-9 Revisions to FH - Annual Reviews 2/12/13 Approved
S12-10 FS By-laws Change 3/1213 Approved
S12-11 Master of Finance Proposal 3/12/13 Approved
S12-12 Public Relations Major Proposal 3/12/13 Approved
S12-13 Landscape Management Minor Proposal 3/12/13 Approved
S12-14 Revision to FH 2.8 - Policy for Renaming Academic United 4/2/13 Approved
S12-15 Revision to FH 6.2 - Honorary Degrees 4/23/13 Approved
S12-16 Revision to FH 5.7 - Evaluation of Central Administration 4/23/13 Approved
S12-17 Dead Week Resolution 5/7/13 Approved
S12-18 Extra-Curriculuar Activities 5/7/13 Approved
S12-19 Name Change: Ag & Biosystems Engineering Graduate Program 5/7/13 Approved
S12-20 2012-2013 Council/Committee Annual Reports 5/7/13 Approved
S12-21 Spring 2013 Graduation List 5/7/13 Approved
S12-22 Memorial Resolutions 5/7/13 Approved
S12-23 Name Change: Financial Counseling and Planning 5/7/13 Approved
S12-24 FS Bylaw Change: Article II Section 9 Eligibility of Faculty Senate Members 9/10/13  


2011-2012 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S09-29 B.E.T. in Information & Cmoputer Engineering Technology   Tabled
S10-18 Sustainability Minor Proposal 9/13/11 Approved
S11-1 School of Education Proposal-Committee Report 10/11/11 Approved
S11-2 AESHM Renam ing Proposal 10/11/11 Approved
S11-3 Discontinuation of Insect Science Undergrad Major 11/8/11 Approved
S11-4 Athletic Training Undergrad Major 11/8/11 Approved
S11-5 Morrill Professorship Program 11/8/11 Approved
S11-6 Changes to FH Section 2.3-- 11/8/11 Approved
S11-7 Changs to FH Section 2.6
Butler Amendment
12/6/11 Approved
S11-8 Removal of FH Chapter 11 11/8/11 Approved
S11-9 US Latino/a Studies Minor 12/6/11 Approved
S11-10 Fall 2011 Graduation List 12/6/11 Approved
S11-11 Memorial Resolutions 12/6/11 Accepted
S11-12 Changes to the C&I Educational Computing Minor 1/17/12 Approved
S11-13 Discontinuation of Zoology Graduate Major 1/17/12 Approved
S11-14 Revision of FH Section 3.1 Appointment Policies 12/6/11 Approved
S11-15 2012-13 Catalog Copy
12/6/11 Approved
S11-16 Faculty Senate Resolution for President Geoffroy 12/6/11 Approved
S11-17 Joint Resolution for President Geoffroy 12/6/11 Approved
S11-18 College of Design Reorganization Plan and Committee Report 2/14/12 Approved
S11-19 Resolution President Emeritus Title for Gregory Geoffroy 2/14/12 Approved
S11-20 FH Conflict of Interest 3/7/12 Approved
S11-21 FH Research Misconduct 3/7/12 Approved
S11-22 Recommendations for Syllabus Inclusion 4/3/12 Approved
S11-23 Engineering Studies Minor Discontinuation 4/3/12 Approved
S11-24 Energy Systems Minor 4/3/12 Approved
S11-25 Revision to FH 3.1 - Appointment of B-Base Faculty 4/3/12 Approved
S11-26 Revision of FH Chapter 6 - Awards 4/3/12 Approved
S11-27 Wind Energy Minor 4/17/12 Approved
S11-28 Master of Design in Sustainable Environments 4/17/12 Approved
S11-29 Master of Urban Design 4/17/12 Approved
S11-30 Masters of Engineering in Engineering Management 4/17/12 Approved
S11-31 Drop Limit Policy Proposal 4/17/12 Approved
S11-32 Pass-NotPass Policy Proposal 4/17/12 Approved
S11-33 Resolving Non-Reports Policy Proposal 4/17/12 Approved
S11-34 Spring 2012 Graduation List 5/1/12 Approved
S11-35 Memorial Resolutions 5/1/12 Approved
S11-36 2011-12 Council/Committee Reports 5/1/12 Approved
S11-37 Ph.D. in Wind Energy Science 9/11/12 For Vote 9/11/12


2010-2011 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S09-21 Revision of Section 10.8 of the Faculty Handbook 09/21/2010 Approved
S09-29/td> B.E.T. in Information & Cmoputer Engineering Technology   Tabled
S09-30 Masters of Industrial Design 9/21/10 Approved
S10-1 Revision of FH Section 5.7 11/9/10  
S10-2 Review of the VP of Students Affairs 10/12/10 Approved
S10-3 FH Section 2.8 - Policy for Renaming Academic Units 12/7/10 Approved
S10-4 Report and Recommendations from the Task Force to Examine Limits on Percentage of Non-Tenure Eligible Faculty 12/7/10 Approved
S10-5 Fall 2010 Graduation List 12/7/10 Approved
S10-6 Memorial Resolutions 12/7/10 Approved
S10-7 2011-2012 Catalog Copy 12/7/10 Approved
S10-8 FH Unacceptable Performance of Duty 4/19/11 Approved
S10-9 Department of Kinesiology Minors 12/7/10 Approved
S10-10 Revision of FH Section 5.3.5 Post Tenure Review Policy - approved 4/5/2011 4/5/11 Approved
S10-11 Department Name Change: Department of Plant Pathology and Microbiology 2/8/11 Approved
S10-12 Revision of FH section Early Tenure 3/8/11 Approved
S10-13 Name Change: Women's and Gender Studies 4/5/11 Approved
S10-14 FH Section Non-tenure Eligible Faculty 3/8/11 Approved
S10-15 FH Section 10.8.1 Academic Program Approval 4/5/11 Approved
S10-16 Proposed Univeristy Outcomes Assessment Committee 4/5/11 Approved
S10-17 Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy 4/19/11 Approved
S10-18 Sustainability Minor Proposal Postponed until September  
S10-19 Bachelor of Design Proposal 4/19/11 Approved
S10-20 Name Change: Sports and Recreation Minor 4/19/11 Approved
S10-21 Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Studio Arts 5/3/11 Approved
S10-22 FS By-Law Changes 5/3/11 Approved
S10-23 Program Prposal for a Minor in World Film Studies 5/3/11 Approved
S10-24 2010-11 Council Annual Reports 5/3/11 Approved
S10-25 Spring 2011 Graduation List 5/3/11 Approved
S10-26 Memorial Resolutions 5/3/11 Approved
S10-27 Human Sciences College: Move Family & Consumer Sciences Program to the Dept. of Human Development & Family Studies   Approved


2009-2010 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S09-01 Name Change: Department of Music and Theatre 09/08/09 Approved
S09-02 Memorial Resolutions 09/08/09 Approved
S09-03 Department Name Change: LOMIS to Supply Chain and Information Systems 11/17/09 Approved
S09-4 Faculty Handbook tenure for Faculty Members in Administrative Positions 11/17/09 Approved
S09-5 Faculty handbook 5.6.1 Policy and Procedures for Evaluating Proficiency (of teaching assistants) 11/17/09 Approved
S09-6 Change in College Governance Documents Best practices Checklist 11/17/09 Approved
S09-7 Changing Names of Majors in AESHM 1/19/10 Approved
S09-8 Merger of Majors to form Supply Chain Management 1/19/10 Approved
S9-9 Memorial Resolutions 5/4/10 Approved
S09-10 Fall 2009 Graduation List 12/17/09 Approved
S09-11 Proposed Changs to FH Section 3.4 - Nonrenewal or Termination of Appointment 4/6/10 Approved
S09-12 Proposed Changes to FH Section 8.4.8 Open Meetings at ISU 2/9/10 Approved
S09-13 Minor n Critical Studies in Design 2/9/10 Approved
S09-14 ME in Information Assurance 2/9/10 Approved
S09-15 ME in Civil Engineering 2/9/10 Approved
S09-16 BS in Event Management 2/9/10 Approved
S09-17 ME in Materials Science 2/9/10 Approved
S09-18 Discontinuance of MS in Business 2/9/10 Approved
S09-19 Memorandum of Understanding 3/9/10 WITHDRAWN
S09-20 Engineering Sales Minor 4/6/10 Approved
S09-21 Revision of Section 10.8 of the Faculty Handbook 4/20/10 Heldover until 9/21/2010
S09-22 MS in Architecture 4/20/10 Approved
S09-23 MS in Landscape Architecture 4/20/10 Approved
S09-24 MLA in Landscape Architecture 4/20/10 Approved
S09-25 Bachelor of Industrial Design 5/4/10 Approved
S09-26 Word Change to FH Section 2.4.1 5/4/10 Approved
S09-27 Annual Reports of Council Chairs 5/4/10 Approved
S09-28 Spring 2010 Graduation List 5/4/10 Approved
S09-29 B.E.T. in Information & Cmoputer Engineering Technology 9/21/10 Heldover until 9/21/2010
S09-30 Masters of Industrial Design 9/21/10 Heldover until 9/21/2010


2008-2009 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S07-32 Undergraduate Nuclear Engineering Minor 9/9/08 Approved
S07-33 Undergraduate Certificate Program in Community Leadership and Public Service 9/9/08 Approved
S08-1 M.S./Ph.D. Wildlife Ecology 10/7/08 Approved
S08-2 Authority to Hire Employees Policy 10/7/08 Approved
S08-3 Smoke-Free Campus Policy 10/7/08 Approved
S08-4 Employment Verification and Background Checks 11/4/08 Approved
S08-5 Modified Duties Policy 1/20/09 Approved
S08-6 Fall 2008 Graduation List 12/09/08 Approved
S08-7 Memorial Resolutions 12/09/08 Approved
S08-8 Links Disclaimer 1/20/09 Approved
S08-9 Availability of Department and Governance Documents Resolution 1/20/09 Approved
S08-10 Adjunct Instruction Position in Animal Science 1/20/09 Approved
S08-11 2009-2011 Catalog Copy
Human Sciences
Liberal Arts and Sciences
Veterinary Medicine
Interdisciplinary Programs
1/20/09 Approved
S08-12 Catalog Copy: International Perspectives Requirement Waiver for Veterans 1/20/09 Approved
S08-13 Bylaw Changes 4/10/09 Approved
S08-14 Governance Document Checklist 2/10/09 Approved
S08-15 Policy on Selection of External Reviewers 2/10/09 Approved
S08-16 Policy on Content of External Letters 3/10/09 Approved
S08-17 Discontinuation of M.S. in VDPAM 3/10/09 Approved
S08-18 Protection of Children in the Workplace Policy 3/10/09 Approved
S08-19 Faculty Handbook Chapter 9: Faculty Grievance Procedures 4/7/09 Approved
S08-20 Resolution for Guiding Principles for Budget Evaluation 3/10/09 Approved
S08-21 Export Controls Policy 4/21/09 Approved
S08-22 Faculty Handbook: Admissions Requirements 4/21/09 Approved
S08-23 Ph.D. Greenlee School of Journalism - Communication of Science, Technology and Risk -Full Proposal
Executive Summary
5/5/09 Approved
S08-24 FS Bylaw: Electronic Voting 5/5/09 Approved
S08-25 2008-2009Council/Committee/CaucusReports 5/5/09 Approved
S08-26 2009 Spring Graduation List 5/5/09 Approved
S08-27 Memorial Resolutions 5/5/09 Approved
S08-28 Faculty Handbook Chapter 10.8: Development of Courses and Curricula 5/5/09 Approved


2007-2008 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S06-21 Faculty Conduct Policy Updates and Revisions -Faculty Handbook - Chapter 7 9/11/07 Approved
S06-22 Non-Tenure Eligible Research Faculty -Resolution By 12/11/07 Approved
S07-1 Summer 2007 Graduation List   Approved 7/2007
S07-2 Arming Campus Police 9/11/07 Approved
S07-3 Report of FS Task Froce to Review the Governance Documents 9/11/07 Approved
S07-4 Class Attendance Policy 3/4/08  
S07-5 Non-Discrimination/Affirmative Action Policy 11/13/07 Approved
S07-6 The Faculty Handbook, chapter 7 11/13/07 Approved
S07-7 Governance and Document Editing Procedures 12/11/07 Approved
S07-8 By-law Proposal for College and Department Document Review Committee 12/11/07 Approved
S07-9 8.4.8 Policy Regarding Open Meetings at Iowa State   Withdrawn
S07-10 Fall 2007 Graduation List 12/11/07 Approved
S07-11 Memorial Resolutions 12/11/07 Approved
S07-12 Faculty Handbook: NTE Policy on Hiring and Reappointment
FH Changes
1/15/08 Approved
S07-13 Keep Iowa State Beautiful Resolution 2/12/08 Approved
S07-14 Program Name Change: African and African American Studies 2/12/08 Approved
S07-15 Name Change, Plant Physiology Degree to Plant Biology 3/25/08 Approved
S07-16 Name Change, Agricultural Education Major to Agriculture and Life Science Education 3/25/08 Approved
S07-17 Name Change: Entomology Undergraduate Degree to Insect Science 3/25/08 Approved
S07-18 New Degree: B.S. in Culinary Science 4/15/08 Approved
S07-19 New Degree: B.S. in Global Resource Systems 4/15/08 Approved
S07-20 New Degree: B.S. in Biological Systems Engineering 4/15/08 Approved
S07-21 Undergraduate Certificate in Occupational Safety 4/15/08 Approved
S07-22 Major in World Languages and Cultures 4/15/08 Approved
S07-23 Minor in Bioengineering 4/15/08 Approved
S07-24 Minor in Music Technolgoy 3/25/08 Approved
S07-25 Minor in Meat Science 4/15/08 Approved
S07-26 Minor in Sport and Culture 4/15/08 Approved
S07-27 Language Change to Foreign Travel Grant Policy 4/15/08 Approved
S07-28 Proposed Changes to Faculty Senate By-Laws 4/15/08 Approved
S07-29 Faculty Senate Research Policy Proposal 4/15/08 Approved
S07-30 Memorial Resolutions 4/29/08 Approved
S07-31 Spring 2008 Graduation List 4/29/08 Approved
S07-32 Undergraduate Nuclear Engineering Minor 9/9/08  
S07-33 Undergraduate Certificate Program in Community Leadership and Public Service 9/9/08  
S07-34 Faculty Handbook Style Sheet 4/29/08 Approved
S07-35 Revisions to the Policies and Procedures Manual 4/29/08 Approved
S07-36 Faculty Senate Council and Committee Annual Reports 4/29/08 Approved


2006-2007 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S06-i Resolution - The "Help the Hawks" Campaign Approved by EB 5/2/06 Approved
S06-1 2006 Summer Graduation List 7/2006 Approved
S06-2 Resolution to Authorize the Review of the Office of the President 10/10/06 Approved
S06-3 Undergraduate Certificate in Latin American Studies 11/14/06 Approved
S06-4 Unmet HS Requirements 11/14/06 Approved
S06-5 Department Name Change: HHP to Department of Kinesiology 11/14/06 Approved
S06-6 Budget ModelResolution 12/12/06 Approved
S06-7 ISU Catalog Report 12/12/06 Approved
S06-7a1 College of Design Summary 12/12/06 Approved
S06-7a2 Front of Catalog Changes, pp. 34-53 12/12/06 Approved
S06-7a3 Modification of graduation with distinction 12/12/06 Approved
S06-7a4 Discontinuation of MS in Enterprise Computing 12/12/06 Approved
S06-7a5 Discontinuation of Minor in Portuguese 12/12/06 Approved
S06-8 Memorial Resolutions 12/12/06 Approved
S06-9 Fall 2006 Graduation List 12/12/06 Approved
S06-10 BS in Bioinformatics and Computation Biology 3/6/07 Approved
S06-11 Ph.D. in Business and Technology 3/6/07 Approved
S06-12 Revisions to University and Distinguished Professor Policy 3/6/07 Approved
S06-13 Library Resolution 4/10/07 Approved
S06-14 Religion Accommodations Resolutions 4/10/07 Approved 
S06-15 College of Agriculture Name Change 4/10/07 Approved 
S06-16 Degree Name Changes in the Department of Kinesiology 4/24/07 Approved
S06-17 Smoking Policy Revision 4/24/07 Approved
S06-18 Discontinuation of Agricultural Systems Technology Graduate Minor 4/24/07 Approved
S06-19 Memorial Resolutions 4/24/07 Approved
S06-20 Spring Graduation List 4/24/07 Approved
S06-21 Faculty Conduct Policy Updates and Revisions -Executive Summary;Faculty Handbook - Chapter 7 9/11/07  
S06-22 Non-Tenure Eligible Research Faculty -Background;Resolution 9/11/07  


2005-2006 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S04-16 Distinguished Professor and University Professor Policy 9/13/05 Approved
S04-24 US Diversity and International Requirement 9/13/05 Approved
S05-1 Naming the Chemistry Help Center the "Martha E. Russel Undergraduate Chemistry Help Center"   Approved
S05-2 Summer 2005 Graduation List   Approved
S05-3 Name Change: Foreign Languages and Literatures to "World Languages and Culture" 10/18/05 Approved 10/18/05
S05-4 M.S. in Seed Technology and Business 11/8/05 Approved
S05-5 MFA in Creative Writing and Environment 11/8/05 Approved
S05-6 Digital Media Minor in Design 111/8/05 Approved
S05-7 Part Time Appointments for Tenure Eligible and Tenured Faculty 11/8/05 Approved
S05-8 Formation of the new Information Technology (IT) Committee 11/8/05 Approved
S05-9 Memorial Resolutions 12/6/05 Approved
S05-10 Fall 2005 Graduation List 12/6/05 Approved
S05-11 Amendments to Faculty Handbook regarding Appeals 2/14/06 Approved 2/14/06
S05-12 Proposed Changes to Senate Constitution 2/14/06 Approved 2/14/06
S05-13 PRS Mediation Guidelines 2/14/06 Approved 2/14/06
S05-14 Certificate Criteria 2/14/06 Approved 2/14/06
S05-15 New Policy for Academic Standards 2/14/06 Approved 2/14/06
S05-16 Resolution on University Presidential Searches 3/7/06 Approved 3/7/06
S05-17 Change in Bylaws regarding RPA Council 3/7/06 Approved 3/7/06
S05-18 Double Voting 3/7/06 Approved 3/7/06
S05-19 External Review Letters 3/7/06 Approved 3/7/06
S05-20 Discontinue UG Major in Studies in Family and Consumer Sciences 3/7/06 Approved 3/7/06
S05-21 Name Change for MS and Ph.D. in Industrial Education & Technology to Industrial and Agricultural Technology 3/7/06 Approved 3/7/06
S05-22 Deletion of 2nd Major in Pest Management 3/28/06 Approved 3/28/06
S05-23 Undergraduate Minor in Engineering Studies 4/11/06 Approved 4/11/06
S05-24 Change in the University Catalog 4/11/06 Approved 4/11/06
S05-25 Faculty Senate By-Laws 4/25/06 Approved 4/25/06
S05-26 B.S. in Software Engineering 4/25/06 Approved 4/25/06
S05-27 B.S. in Business Economics 4/25/06 Approved 4/25/06
S05-28 Faculty Handbook - Foreign Travel Grant Changestd> 4/25/06 Approved 4/25/06
S05-29 Scholarly Teaching vs. Scholarship of Teaching 4/25/06 Approved 4/25/06
S05-30 Engineering College Proposed Catalog Change 4/25/06 Approved 4/25/06
S05-31 Memorial Resolutions 4/25/06 Approved 4/25/06
S05-32 Spring 2006 Graduation List 4/25/06 Approved 4/25/06
S05-33 Discrimination and Harassment Handbook Changes 11/14/06 Approved 11/14/06


2004-2005 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Status
S04-1 Summer 2004 Graduation List Approved
S04-2 ISUComm - Two Motions Motion 1: Approved

Motion 2 - Approved
S04-3 Resolution on Free Speech Approved
S04-4 Proposal for the Combination of the Collegs of FCS and Education Approved
S04-5 ISU Strategic Plan Approved
S04-6 Handbook Language - Policy for Academic Reorganization Approved
S04-7 Curriculum & Catalog Changes Approved
S04-8 Vet Med Revised Academic Standards Approved
S04-9 Name Change for Chem Engineering to Chemical & Biological Engineering Approved
S04-10 Discontinuation of BS in Applied Physics Approved
S04-11 Fall 2005 Graduation List Approved
S04-12 Memorial Resolutions Approved
S04-13 Use of Adjunct Instructor Title Approved
S04-14 Appointment of Adjunct Instructors - Motion 1: Dept. of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
Motion 2: Department of Animal Science
Motion 1: Approved
Motion 2: Failed
S04-15 Handbook Placement of "Evluation" of NTE Appointments Approved
S04-16 Distinguished Professor and University Professor Policy Tabled
until 9/05
S04-17 Changes to P&T Policy Approved
S04-18 Faculty Professional Development Assignments Policy - Two Motions Motion 1: Failed
Moton 2: Approved
S04-19 Committee for Oversight of Academic Reorganization Approved
S04-20 Grade Requirement for Biology Minor Approved
S04-21 Restructuring Graduate Degree in Nutrition Approved
S04-22 Spring 2005 Graduation List Approved
S04-23 Memorial Resolutions Approved
S04-24 US Diversity & International Requirement Tabled
until 9/05


2003-2004 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Status
S03-1 Summer 2003 Graduation List Approved
S03-2 Revised Conduct Policy Approved
S03-3 University Calendar Approved
S03-4 Policy on Reorganization of Academic Units Approved
S03-5 Memorial Resolutions Approved
S03-6 Fall Graduation List Approved
S03-7 Resolution on the Implementation of the P&T Policy Failed
S03-8 Faculty Senate By-Law Amendment Approved
S03-9 M.S. in Enterprising Computing Approved
S03-10 B.S./M.S. in Diet and Exercise Approved
S03-11 Discontinuation of M.S. in Industrial Relations Approved
S03-12 Discontinuation of undergraduate major in Botany Approved
S03-13 Discontinuation of undergraduate major in Zoology Approved
S03-14 Discontinuation of Graduate major M.S./Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering Approved
S03-15 Discontinuation of undergraduate major in Plant Health and Protection Approved
S03-16 Proposal to change the name of the interdepartmental graduate program in Water Resources Approved
S03-17 Proposal to merge two majors in the department of Human Development & Family Studies Approved
S03-18 5-year post-audit review of the Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance Approved
S03-19 Proposal to change the name of the Transportation & Logistics major and the Production /Operations Management major in the College of Business Approved
S03-20 Changing "Temporary Enrollment" to "Academic Probation" in university documents Approved
S03-21 5-year post-audit review of the interdepartmental graduate program in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Approved
S03-22 Spring 2004 Graduation List Approved
S03-23 Memorial Resolutions Approved


2002-2003 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar/h2>

Title Status
S01-34 Motion on the ISU Foundation Failed
S02-1 Task Force on the Greenlee School of Journalism Approved
S02-2 Salary Policy for the Faculty Approved
S02-3 Name Change: Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management Approved
S02-4 Summer 2002 Graduation List Approved
S02-5 ISUComm Received
S02-6 Faculty Council & Committee Members Approved
S02-7 ISU Spam Filter Approved
S02-8 ISU Faculty Identity Numbers Approved
S02-9 Motion on Potential Faculty Senate Presidential Nominations Approved
S02-10 Name Change: Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Approved
S02-11 Name Change: Aerospace Engineering Approved
S02-12 Catalog Material Approved
S02-13 Discontinue Undergraduate Program in Engineering Science Approved
S02-14 Discontinue Undergraduate Program in Engineering Applications Approved
S02-15 Establish Interdepartmental Minor in Women's Studies Approved
S02-16 5-year Post-Audit Review of M.S. in Agronomy Approved
S02-17 Classroom Distruption Policy Approved
S02-18 College of Business Admissions Policy Approved
S02-19 Catalog Material Approved
S02-20 Fall 2002 Graduation List Approved
S02-21 Bulletin Change: College of Business Approved
S02-22 College of Design Academic Progress Regulations Approved
S02-23 Policies & Procedures for Annual Review, Reappointment, and Advancement of Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Approved
S02-24 New M.A. Degree in Rhetoric, Composition and Professional Communication Approved
S02-25 ISUComm Report/Proposal Approved
S02-26 Final Examination Policy Pertaining to Need to Reschedule an Exam Approved
S02-27 Final Examination Policy Pertaining to Special Group Exams Approved
S02-28 Appeals Process Approved
S02-29 University Policy Toward United Way Approved
S02-30 RPA Council Membership Reorganization Approved
S02-31 Proposal for Graduate Certificate in Environmental Engineering Approved
S02-32 Master of Arts in Teaching with a major in Science Education Approved
S02-33 Ph.D. in Appliced Linguistics and Technology Approved
S02-34 Report on the Post-Audit of Plant Health and Protection Major Approved
S02-35 Revision of the Extension of the Probationary Period Policy Approved
S02-36 Procedures Manual Report Approved
S02-37 Potential University Calendar Approved
S02-38 Biological Sciences Recommendation Approved
S02-39 Memorial Resolutions Approved
S02-40 Spring 2003 Graduation List Approved
S02-41 M.S. and Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences Approved
S02-42 M.S. and Ph.D. in Human Computer Interactions Approved
S02-43 Ombudsperson Report Approved


2001-2002 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

Title Status
S01-1 Summer 2001 Graduation List Approved 7/2001
S01-2 Ratification of EB clarification to Conduct Policy Approved
S01-3 Protected Categories: faculty lines and library acquisitions Approved
S01-4 2001-02 Senate Priorities Approved
S01-5 M.S. in Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine Approved
S01-6 Free Speech on Campus Approved
S01-7a Taster Guns Approved
S01-7b DPS Name Change Approved
S01-8 Fall Graduation List Approved
S01-9 Proposal to Add Faculty Member to BOR Approved
S01-10 Ombudsperson Proposal Approved
S01-11 Arrival of Children Policy Approved
S01-12 Early Retirement Incentive Policy Approved
S01-13 Discontinuation of Undergraduate Minor in Athletic Training Approved
S01-14 Post Audit Reportin Performing Arts Approved
S01-15 Fundamental Principles for Student Evaluation of Teaching Approved
S01-16 Rescinding the name of the Honors Building Approved
S01-17 MGT America and Response to Budget Crisis Task Force Approved
S01-18 Morrill Hall Motion Approved
S01-19 Changes to the Faculty Senate Basic Document Approved
S01-20 Discontinue Undergraduate Minor in Health Studies Approved
S01-21 Discontinue B.S. in Community Health Education Approved
S01-22 Discontinue Undergraduate Secondary Major in Agricultural Extension Education Approved
S01-23 Name Change in B.S. Major to Health and Human Performance Approved
S01-24 Name Change in B.S. Major to Child, Adult and Family Services Approved
S01-25 Regents Post-Audit Review of the B.S. in Environmental Science Approved
S01-26 Extension of the Probationary Period for Faculty on Leave, Full or Partial, With or Without Pay Approved
S01-27 Faculty Leave with Pay Approved
S01-28 Motion on Naming of Buildings Approved
S01-29 Dead Week Approved
S01-30 Discontinue the B.S. in Professional Agriculture Approved
S01-31 Proposal for Undergraduate Minor in Chinese Studies Approved
S01-32 Proposal for Undergraduate Minor in Food Safety Approved
S01-33 Calendar Motion Approved
S01-34 Opening Foundation Records Tabled until
S01-35 Memorial Resolutionsa> Approved
S01-36 Spring Graduation List Approved
S01-37 Interdisciplinary M.S. and Ph.D. in Biorenewable Resources and Technology Approved