Faculty Development and Administrative Relations Council

Council Charge: Recommends policies and procedures with regard to academic freedom and responsibility, professional ethics, faculty appointments, promotion and tenure, the appointment and review of administrative officers, and faculty relationships, including well-being, development, morale, supporting services, and benefits; considers other issues and proposals related to faculty-administrative relations.

For additional information about council/committee structure see the Faculty Senate Procedures Manual


2023-2024 Faculty Development & Administrative Relations Council Membership
Office   Term Ending
Chair Brian Hornbuckle May 2025
CALS Elisabeth Lonergan May 2025
BUS Huifang Mao May 2024
DES Yongyeon Cho May 2025
ENG Richard LeSar May 2025
HSC Ann Smiley May 2025
LAS Carolyn Cutrona May 2025
VET Grant Dewell May 2025
R&D Chair Dan Andersen May 2025
EDI Chair Abhay Mishra May 2025
FERC Chair Sunday Tim May 2025
SVVP Office Dawn Bratsch-Prince  













                                 2023-2024 Meeting Schedule
August 31, 2023AgendaMinutes
September 21, 2023AgendaMinutes
October 26, 2023AgendaMinutes
November 16, 2023AgendaMinutes