2017-2018 Faculty Senate Docket Calendar

2017-2018 Docket Calendar 

Title Date for
Senate Approval
S17-1Discontinuation of MS in Landscape Architecture 11/14/17Approved
S-17-2US Diveristy and International Perspectives Requirement Modification11/14/17Approved
S17-3FH - Unacceptable Performance of Duty12/12/17Approved
S17-4Minor in Textile Design12/12/17Approved
S17-5B.S. in Actuarial Science12/12/17Approved
S17-6B.S. in Data Science12/12/17Approved
S17-7Fall 2017 Gradulation List12/12/17Approved
S17-8Memorial Resolutions12/12/17Approved
S17-9FH Major Sanction Process1/16/18Approved
S17-10Master of Real Estate Development1/16/18Approved
S17-11Ph.D. - Population Sciences in Animal Health1/16/18Approved
S17-12Change ot Academic Renewal1/16/18Approved
S17-13Update Prequisites Language in Catalog1/16/18Approved
S17-14Resolution on Climate Change3/20/18