Resource Policies and Allocations Council

Council Charge: Develops and maintains a system for shared governance to ensure communication between faculty and administration in relation to resource policies and allocations; advances proposals consistent with Faculty Senate initiatives and priorities; recommends initiatives to the senate pertaining to resource policies and allocations; works with the university president and other administrators to implement approved policies.


2017-2018 Resource Policies and Allocations Council Membership
Office   Term Ending
Chair Jamie Brown May 2019
CALS Jack Dekkers May 2019
BUS Jamie Brown May 2019
DES Kimberly Zarecor May 2019
ENG Chris Williams May 2019
HSC Clinton Gudmunson May 2019
LAS Rob Wallace May 2019
VET Michael Kimber May 2019
Compensation Chair Vern Schaefer May 2019
Research Chair Julia Badenhope May 2018
University Services Chair Kevin Schalinske May 2019
Instructional Tech Chair Hridesh Rajan May 2019



2017-2018 Meeting Schedule
September 14, 2017Agenda 
September 28, 2017Agenda 
October 5, 2017Agenda 
November 2, 2017Agenda 
Novmeber 9, 2017Agenda 
December 7, 2017Agenda 
December 14, 2017Agenda 
January 18, 2018Agenda 
January 25, 2018Agenda 
February 1, 2018Agenda 
February 8, 2018Agenda 
March 1, 2018Agenda 
March 8, 2018Agenda 
April 5, 2018Agenda 
April 12, 2018Agenda 
April 19, 2018Agenda 
May 3, 2018Agenda 
May 10, 2018Agenda