Governance Council

Council Charge: Oversees the internal operations of the Faculty Senate; proposes for senate approval and implementation procedures for senate elections; and undertakes continuing review of the Faculty Handbook, the senate governance documents, and the council and committee structure. The council is responsible for the orientation of new faculty senators. 

For additional information about council/committee structure see the Faculty Senate Procedures Manual


2020-2021 Governance Council Membership
Office   Term Ending
Chair Steve Freeman May 2022
CALS Ajay Nair May 2021
BUS Jon Perkins May 2021
DES Andrea Quam May 2021
ENG Matthew Frank May 2022
HSC Tom SchrierMay 2022
LASNatalie Royston May 2022
VET Darren Berger May 2022
CC Chair Andrea Wheeler May 2021
Senate Doc Chair Denise Vrchota May 2022
CCDR Chair Awoke Dollisso May 2021
AAUP:Tim McNicholl 
SVPP Dawn Bratsch-Prince 



2020-2021 Meeting Schedule