Curriculum Committee

Committee Charge: Recommends and develops policies and procedures for university-wide curricular standards, reviews catalog offerings and degree requirements, and initiates discussions on future curricular matters. The committee reviews college proposals and makes recommendations for curricular changes to the Faculty Senate.

This page provides resources for faculty and curriculum committees to initiate curriculum changes and other actions. The links provide access to necessary forms, information on how to obtain curricular review and guidelines for navigating the curriculum approval process.

Introduction and a Summary of the Curriculum Proposal and Review Process

The curriculum process is governed by the Faculty Senate. The ad hoc committee, Faculty Senate Curriculum Committee considers new curricula proposals, changes and discontinuations. Additional information may be in the college governance documents.

Curriculum proposals should follow the approvals process indicated in the following table, adapted from Table 10.8 of the Faculty Handbook - Approval Table

The Curriculum Approval Process generally consists of a proposal from the department/program level, approved by the department/program curriculum committee (if applicable), college curriculum committee, and the dean. Additional approvals are needed from the Graduate College if the program proposal is a graduate program. The program proposal is submitted to the Faculty Senate Curriculum committee for review. The Academic Affairs Committee reviews the proposal before passing it onto the Faculty Senate. The Board of Regents, State of Iowa approves all new programs and majors. For additional information about the approval process, see the link to Faculty Senate/Faculty Handbook Curriculum Approvals – Section 10.8  pre-majors do not require faculty senate approval.  Just department, college, and Associate Provost Holger’s approval.

University Catalog

The Office of the Provost oversees the university catalog production.

Resources for Proposing New Courses

A new course that is not required in a program must be offered on an experimental basis. The process provides an opportunity for the department to determine whether the course meets student demand. The course is identified with an X suffix to indicate it is not in the published catalog. An experimental course can be included in the catalog if it was successfully offered no later than the previous fall term before catalog publication. For example, an experimental course successfully offered Fall 2013 may be included in the 2014-2015 catalog. However, additional requirements may apply for each department and/or college.

- Online Experimental Course System

Note:  Log in using your University NetID and password.  Note tha tyou may need to log-in from an on-campus access point (behind the Unviersity's Firewall), or establish a Virtual Private network (VPN) connection from off-campus locations to be able to work with the editing system.

Tutorials for submitting new courses

- U.S Diversity and International Perspectives Guidelines

- U.S. Diversity Proposal Form

- International Perspectives Proposal Form

- Dual-Listing Proposal Form


Resources for Proposing New Curricula

[ New: Introduction to explain procedures used to propose new curricula.]

- Proposals for New Degree Programs - Regents Form A

- Proposals for New Minors

- Proposals for New Graduate Minors (for where no graduate major exists)

- Proposals for New Undergraduate Certificates

- Proposals for New Graduate Certificates

- Academic Program Approval Voting Record Form


Catalog Editing Resources

Catalog Inventory Management (CIM) System for Editing Catalog Copy 

Log in using your University NetID and password.  Note that you may need to log-in from an on-campus access point (behind the Unviersity's Firewall), or establish a Virtual Private network (VPN) connection from off-campus locations to be able to work with the editing system.

A Quick Catalog Editing Guide

General Curriculum Tutorials


Resources for Discontinuing Majors, Minors, or Certificates

[New: Explanation of requirements and procedures for terminating or suspending academic programs]

- Discontinuation of Degree Programs – Regents Form F

- Procedures for Discontinuing Minors or Certificates

Curriculum Committee Information

College Curriculum Committees:

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Curriculum Committee 

College of Business Curriculum Committee 

College of Design Curriculum Committee

College of Engineering Curriculum Committee 

College of Human Sciences Curriculum Committee 

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee - LAS Curriculum Committee Membership

College of Veterinary Medicine Curriculum Committee