Academic Standards and Admissions Committee

Committee Charge: Considers policies and procedures related to academic standards, admissions, and advising for both prospective and enrolled undergraduates students.


2019-2020 Academic Standards and Admissions Committee Membership
Office   Term Ending
Chair Terri Boylston May 2021
CALS Nancy Boury May 2020
BUS Tony Townsend May 2020
DES Vladimir Kulic May 2020
ENG Martha Selby May 2020
HSC Terri Boylston May 2020
LAS Daniel Krier May 2020
VET Terry Engelken May 2020
GSB Sarah Moody May 2020
Enrollment Services Jonathan Compton May 2020
Multicultural Student Affairs Kenyatta Shamburger May 2020
Admissions  Phil Caffrey May 2020
Provost Offfice Shawn Boyne May 2020
Institutional Research Amanda DeGraff May 2020
Admissions Jennifer Suchan May 2020



2020-2021 Meeting Schedule